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10 (non-baby) gifts new working moms will love

It’s not easy holding down a full-time job from 9 to 5 and also juggling the responsibilities of a new (more challenging) job as a mom.


Sometimes it can seem like the only products we purchase, the only books we read, the only things we talk about with friends, are all baby-related.


And that’s fine.  But often a simple gesture of kindness, a nice compliment, or a thoughtful gift can go a long way to helping mom feel like she’s a unique individual and not just a vessel for her baby.


Here are some non-baby related gifts new moms will appreciate during the early days of new motherhood.


1. Superga Women’s 2750 Fashion Sneaker

New moms do a lot of walking, so help them do it in style with Superga sneakers—the royal brand of the Duchess of Cambridge and late Princess Diana, no less.  Opt for a stain-camouflaging gray in washable nylon.

Amazon Link:



2. The Happiness Project One-Sentence Journal

It can be hard for working moms to find time to capture their own thoughts and feelings as they navigate early motherhood.  Enter the one-sentence journal. Based on the book, Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, this five-year diary will help moms make time to chronicle their family’s events and their own thoughts on their new journey.

Amazon link:




3. Hollister Mid-Rise Joggers

How new moms can wear comfy sweatpants without appearing to wear comfy sweatpants: simply throw on joggers and pair them with a cute pair of tennis shoes. It’s not frumpy, it’s fashionable 😉

Amazon Link:



4. Ecovacs N79 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Take some responsibilities off of mom’s plate and make vacuuming simple with this Alexa-connected smart vacuum from Ecovacs.  This vacuum can be operated from work via the app (to really scare your dog) and is suitable for both carpet and hardwood.

Amazon Link:



5. Calming Skin Starter Kit


New moms might not have skincare at the forefront of their priorities, but this facial calm skin regimen (including facial cleanser, moisturizer, masque and facial serum) will help them feel clean and exfoliated.

Amazon Link:



6. Bodum Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Now that she can actually have caffeine, make it count with a pour-over coffee maker.  Perfect for moms who need a cup or two at an unexpected time but don’t want to brew a whole pot.

Amazon Link:


7. Crock-Pot SCV800-B Slow Cooker

Help make cooking simpler with this dishwasher-safe, stainless steel crockpot.  Set it, forget it (and then eat it).

Amazon Link:

8. Edible Arrangements

An eye-catching bouquet of fruit covered in chocolate.  This is not for babies, this is for mom.

Amazon Link:

9. BCOZZY Chin Supporting Neck Pillow

Sure, falling asleep while holding your baby is not encouraged.  But if you’re going to do it, you may as well invest in something to keep your head from jerking back suddenly or catch the drool dribbling down your chin.  This BCOZZY pillow provides optimal neck support without being stiff.

Amazon Link:



10. A thoughtful hand-written note

This one is not on Amazon, but it can mean more than anything you will find shopping online.  Take some time with your thoughts and write a short note for the new mom in your life.  Tell her what she means to you, how you admire her, and how lucky her child is to have her.  The simplest yet best gift of all.