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5 essential baby shower gifts for working moms

Baby showers can be one of the most important parts of becoming a new mom, especially when you’re a working parent.


Choosing the right baby shower gifts for the working mom in your life can be a lifesaver.


Baby showers are an essential modern tradition.  They are incredibly practical for working parents.  You get to pick all the baby gear you need ahead of time, put it on a list, and it gets dropped off to you.  Free of charge.


Plus, you get to spend some quality baby shower time with your close friends and family.


When it comes to choosing baby shower gifts for the working mom, there are plenty of good options.


Obviously the first thing you will want to consult is the baby registry.  If the mom-to-be has gone out of her way to make a list of the things she needs, our advice is to adhere to the registry.


But maybe you’d like to purchase a more personal baby shower gift.  Or perhaps something that you found unexpectedly valuable as a mom, on top of buying a gift from the baby registry.


Here are our recommendations for the best gifts for working moms in 2018:


1. Essential baby shower gifts: diapers and diaper wipes

This is not the sexiest baby shower gift, but once baby comes, baby diapers and diaper wipes are incredibly valuable.  You can’t have enough.


Of course everyone will tell mom to take the free diapers at the hospital and load up on free baby supplies on your way out the door.  But that supply only lasts so long.


When you’re a mother of a newborn, having a vast supply of baby diapers and wipes can make your life so much easier.


Some mothers tend to be very particular when they buy diapers.  Ask the new mom about her preference for the brand, quality and material before you buy anything.


Diaper wipes are also a great option for a baby shower gift so that the mother can wipe her hands off after changing dirty diapers.


Huggies diapers tend to fit well, are reliable, and don’t break the bank.


2. Quality baby shower gifts: carriers

The working mom in your life is probably adept at juggling many things at once.  Adding a baby to that equation won’t change that mindset.  That’s why it is important to have a high-quality, reliable baby carrier.


New moms will want to keep baby close to their body.  But it’s also important for mental health to get out of the house and walk around every once in a while.  Baby carriers are one of many great non-baby gifts for working moms.


Carriers are available in a variety of sizes and types.  Our recommendation is the standard Baby Bjorn carrier – the most popular in market for its durability, flexibility, and ease of use.  And it makes a great first-time mom baby shower gift.


3. Fun baby shower gifts: baby bath towels

Bath time is a surprisingly stressful new routine for moms.


When all you have seen on social media are pictures of adorable 6-month old babies splish-splashing in their bathtub with their toys, it’s easy to be let down when your newborn responds to bath time by crying at the new and unfamiliar experience of being doused in water.


One of the fun things for baby bath time is a cute animal towel.  This is a thoughtful, cute, and pragmatic baby shower gift that mom may not have on her baby registry, but will be glad she has when bath time rolls around.


There are a lot of options out there, but who can say no to an adorable baby fox towel?  Not us.


4. Entertaining baby shower gifts: play mats

It’s remarkable how entertained babies are by some simple gizmos that they can reach out and touch.  Or by some familiar light-up sounds.


Baby activity mats are one of the perfect baby shower gifts for the mom who will need to put baby down to run around and get things done while baby is distracted.  And that is basically every mom.


There are great options at varying price points.  Our recommendation is the Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym which is stronger than it looks, has several loops for stray toys and teethers, and is safe and entertaining for growing babies.


5. Practical baby shower gifts: toy baskets

One of the most popular off-registry baby shower gifts are toys that mom will not be able to use right away for a newborn.


Newborn babies have a lot of needs.  But one of them is not snuggling with a stuffed animal that grandma thought was adorable.


Mom is going to need a place to store toys.  Especially baby shower gifts that baby won’t have an immediate use for.  There are several cute options beyond a plain wicker basket or closet organizer.


A cute elephant-themed foldable storage basket can be a nice nursery accent.  It can hide easily in the closet until baby is old enough to play with the toys inside.


And that concludes our working moms gift guide.  We hope you found all of our suggestions helpful.  But remember, all moms are different.


Hopefully there are several baby shower gift ideas included above that appeal to the working mom in your life.


If you didn’t find what you were looking for, it’s always a good idea to consult the registry 🙂