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5 family night activities you and your kids can look forward to

We all wish we had more time to devote to family night activities.


Planning a family fun night or game night is a great way to spend quality time with each other and away from Netflix, video games, or schoolwork.


So how do you get your whole family to not only participate in some family quality time, but actually enjoy it and look forward to it?


Seek out activities that are interactive and help you get to know each other better, are relatively low-stakes, and are easy for all ages to learn.


Here are some  good examples of family fun night activities that aim to please.


1. Movie Night

A traditional choice, but one of the easiest family night activities nonetheless.  Family movie night can be fun for everyone if you rotate the person who gets to select the movie.


Start a conversation after the movie to get an idea of what your kids were thinking while watching the movie.


Do some reading on the movie beforehand and challenge your kids with some questions about the themes of the movie, character intentions, and plot lines – encourage active viewing.  Phones away!


2. Pick a board game

Board games are one of the most popular family night activities.  Board games can be great to get everyone together and stir some competitive spirits; plus, they can be great learning tools for younger kids.


Experiment with different types of board games until you find one that the whole family enjoys.


Just make sure the game is simple enough for everyone and isn’t going to last for 6 hours (COUGH-monopoly-COUGH).


3. Play lawn games

For the active family, pick a game that everyone can enjoy and excel at.  There are some outdoor yard games that can appeal to everyone, like cornhole, bocce ball, or frisbee.


Ladder ball and lawn bowling have been popular in recent years, and low-overhead options like frisbee and horshoes can also be entertaining.


4. Cook a meal together


One of the best options for family night activities that help foster conversation and interaction.


Choose a meal that everyone can get excited about, together as a family.  Pick out groceries together.  If there is a special family recipe that you can introduce to your kids, all the better.


One way to keep everyone involved is to have each person be responsible for either one element of the main dish or one course of the entire meal.


5. Play mad libs


Mad libs are as old as time, but they never get tired.  They are always unique and keep young kids entertained with all the possibilities they can explore.  Plus, they get to create their own story.


Mad libs are also a good way to teach your kids about nouns, verbs, adverbs and other elements of the English language, as well as practice reading aloud.