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Best baby swings 2018

A baby swing or baby bouncer can come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and price points.  Find the one that’s right for you with our top picks.


If you have a newborn baby, you will eventually need to put your baby down to shower, take out the garbage, or get the mail.  When you do, you’ll have to figure out where you can actually set your baby down for a few seconds.


Enter the newborn baby swing or baby bouncer.


In between cluster feeds and growth spurts, your baby will actually sleep for a stretch during the day.  Well, hopefully.


That’s when a baby swing or bouncer can be invaluable.  Take one in the bathroom with you if you really need that shower.  Even if your baby doesn’t sleep, you can at least monitor him or her by your side.


Having a bouncer or a swing to give you a few minutes of respite is a necessity for the early newborn stage.


Bouncers and baby swings are generally for newborns who are not yet sitting up.  Therefore, they are best for babies under 6 months.


There are numerous baby swings and bouncers on the market.  A reliable baby swing can be a tremendous help during your child’s earliest days.


Here are our baby swing and baby bouncer recommendations for 2018.


Baby Bjorn Bouncer Balance Soft

$200 on Amazon



Why We Love It


This lightweight bouncer is just seven pounds.  It folds flat and is easy to move around the house and take on the go.


When unfolded, it doesn’t take up too much space.  It’s a great model for those in smaller living spaces. Additionally, once your child outgrows the bouncer, it can be converted into a chair.


Good to Know


The seat’s bouncing action is set in motion by the baby’s movements.  So you have to manually bounce this for your newborn until your baby starts kicking.  Your arms may get sore from pushing it if that’s what your baby wants (demands).


What Parents Say (from product reviews)


“The BABYBJORN bouncer is so easy and simple to use, transport and clean! We brought it with us to friends’ houses and moved it all over our own house. It gave our baby a safe place to sit and play with the toy bar that fits on it.”


Fisher Price Deluxe Bouncer – Snugapuppy

$40 and up on Amazon



Why We Love It


This baby swing provides a multitude of options.  You can use it with an outlet (to save on batteries) or without one.  So it is very easily portable.


There are multiple swinging motions and speeds.  It also features different nature sounds and music.  And multiple positions.


Good to Know


The swing’s motor can be loud and it wears out easily.


What Parents Say (from product reviews)


“Although we’ve outgrown it now, for the first five months this was crucial! It’s the only thing he would sleep in. I was anti-plastic stuff like this, but I wish I bought it from the get go.”


“My baby would only take his daytime naps in the stroller when I would walk outdoors and on bumpy sidewalks, until I got this swing. Why did I not get one sooner?! I now get breaks and I can sneak a quick nap in here and there. It’s magical.”


“So soft and cozy, and babies love the side-to-side motion! As a mom of three this allowed me to get so much done in the early days. It’s also great for soothing fussy babies.


4moms mamaRoo

$219 on Amazon


Why We Love It


The mamaRoo is more than just a pretty face.  Although it does look cool and futuristic, it also has five fluid motions.  It can bounce up and down or sway side-to-side.  It flows and reacts to your movement as you soothe your baby, which is quite nice.


Additionally, this bouncer features a built-in white noise machine that is also mp3-compatible, just in case your baby prefers Metallica to white noise.


Good to Know


The mamaRoo is pretty cool-looking.  But you’re definitely paying extra for that design.  And it is the heaviest swing of the bunch here.


Transporting it from room to room won’t be as easy as other swings or bouncers.


Note: 4moms does offer a less expensive and smaller swing: the rockaRoo ($160 and up).



What Parents Say (from product reviews)


“At five weeks this thing has been our saving grace to getting our kid to sleep…”


“Our little one has used his Mamaroo every day since he was born for naps and as ‘someone’ to hold the baby when I need both of my arms. Now that he is five months old, he sits in it while we read to him or watch a children’s show together.”


“The Mamaroo has been a lifesaver. I was able to catch a little sleep on the couch beside him while he slept as a newborn in the Mamaroo. Later it was a place for him while I showered. While he has almost outgrown it, we currently use it as a white noise machine. Such a wonderful product!”


“At five weeks this thing has been our saving grace to getting our kid to sleep—and we don’t even need to put any motion on! Our little man loves the shape of the seat and softness of the chair. At night, we put the ocean music on for him and he loves it. It helps both of us get some sleep!”

Graco DuetConnect LX Swing & Bouncer

$135 and up on Amazon



Why We Love It


One of the nice things about the DuetConnect is that it doesn’t make you choose between a swing or a bouncer. It’s both!


The swing allows for three ways for baby to sway.  It features lots of music and nature sound choices. Plus, you can remove the cradle seat from the swing apparatus and it becomes a bouncer.  This option is great if you need to move it to other rooms frequently.


Good to Know


The DuetConnect’s motor can be noisy.


What Parents Say (from product reviews)


“It has a vibrate function that comes in handy when you’ve got a cranky baby. It worked out well when my baby had a cold and needed to sleep semi-upright in arm’s reach of my bed. The swing frame is a bit large to move through the house but the removable rocker has been all through our house so far. Another good item for the price.”



Fisher Price Rock ‘N Play Sleeper

$50 and up on Amazon



Why We Love It


The reclined seat imitates being cradled in someone’s arms.  That feature can be especially helpful if your baby has colic or gets a cold.


When baby is fussy, turn on the vibration or rock the sleeper by hand.


It can also be a great spot for baby to sit and play when you need to free your arms for an extended period.


Good to Know


Pediatricians recommend that babies only sleep flat on their back.  So it is not recommended to have your baby sleep in this apparatus.  So it does raise safety concerns. If you have concerns, check with your pediatrician.


What Parents Say (from product reviews)


“We did not discover the Rock ‘n Play until my daughter with colic and reflux was eight weeks old. She didn’t like the expensive swings or bouncers, but this relatively inexpensive, inclined seat was an instant hit. She finally slept for more than 90 minutes and enjoyed hanging out in this.”



Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing

$79 and up on Amazon



Why We Love It


If you’re tight on space and don’t want your baby swing to crowd your home, this swing might be your best bet.


The Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing, easily fits in doorways and has a slim frame.  So it can fit snugly in any available corner.


This model is very user-friendly.  Assembly is a snap.  And you can either plug it in an outlet or use batteries to power.


Good to Know


Some parents wish it had more options for speeds.  It also only has one setting for vibration, and motions, as it swings only from side to side.


What Parents Say (from product reviews)


“The biggest thing I love about this is that it plugs into a wall outlet! I did not want to have to buy batteries all the time. I also like that it does have the option to run it on batteries in case you do want to use that option.”


“Now, the biggest complaint I have is that there is virtually no head support in this swing. Your baby will fall asleep and their head will fall to one side and it will look awful and I’m sure it’s not good for them. We ended up using a rolled up blanket to prop our sons head when he was smaller. He is now 6 months old and he can stay upright better but when he was smaller it was scary.”


“I would recommend this swing, graco products are high quality and I trust the brand. This swing is useful and I think a good product especially for the price, other swings we looked at were double the price or more.”


Additional Resources


Ultimately, you need to find the bouncer or baby swing that works for you, your budget, your living space, and your family.


Whether you prioritize ease of use or you’re looking for something with every possible option, hopefully you find that perfect fit.


If you find the right swing but still need help getting baby to sleep for long stretches, check out our tips to help baby sleep.


And when you’ve move don from the baby swing to a crib, check out our recommendations for the best safe baby swaddles.


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