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What to pack in your diaper bag


The first few times packing a diaper bag can be stressful.  You only get so much space in diaper bags, but you want to be prepared for whatever happens while you’re out.

When it comes to diaper bags, over-packing is better than under-packing.  Some of the items we include on our ‘what to pack in your diaper bag’ list can vary whether you’re breastfeeding or what kind of food your child is eating.

Check out our ‘what to pack in a diaper bag’ checklist below.

diaper bags


bottles, if formula feeding

cans of formula or containers of pre-measured formula

burp cloths

bottled water for you (and baby if using powdered or concentrated formula)

jarred food and spoons

portable snacks for you

2-3 bibs

Diapering and Clothing

6-8 diapers, depending on how long your outing is going to be

travel-sized container of wipes

changing pad

diaper rash ointment

2 changes of clothing

ziplock bags for soiled clothing and diaper disposal

hat(s) appropriate for shade or warmth

Safety and Emergencies


hand sanitizer

antibiotic ointment

cell phone



fever reducer/pain reliever like Tylenol

$20 bill and some quarters

Toys and Soothing Items

2 blankets


comfort toys

teething rings

small, durable books (board books work great)

Diaper Packing Tips

You can’t have enough diapers.  Pack one for every two hours that you’re out.  Add a few extra in case of unexpected blowouts.

Keep weather forecasts in mind when packing blankets or sweatshirts, as they take up a lot of space.

Pack an extra set of keys in the diaper bag to keep with you. This is also good if you have a car that auto-locks when the driver’s door shuts. You may have grabbed the bag and not the baby, yet, so you can still get him out of the car.

You never know when you’re going to want to snap a shot of a precious moment, so it’s good to keep a camera in the bag.

If you formula feed, you may not use powdered formula. It is one of the most convenient types to carry in a diaper bag.  However, since before it’s mixed it doesn’t require refrigeration or ice packs and it can still be used after the can is opened.  Just measure the powdered amount in a clean, empty bottle and pack a few bottled ​waters to mix when you’re ready.