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14 Must-follow parenting accounts on Twitter

Parenting is hard.  It has been referred to as “the hardest job you’ll ever have.”  That’s a high bar.  But it’s not necessarily wrong.


One of the things that makes parenting harder now than it used to be: information overload.


Our parents and grandparents had it easy.  They didn’t have to consider sixteen different parenting theories before making a decision.


There weren’t conflicting methodologies from sources far and wide.  There were just accepted ways to do things.


As Jerry Seinfeld noted, back in the day there were “no helmets, no seat belts, no restraints.”  You just let your kids go play in the neighborhood.  And you hoped for the best.


Times have changed.  And so has the information we use to parent.


Navigating all the available information on parenting is daunting.  We want to help.  So we rounded up some of the best and most prominent parenting accounts on Twitter.


Whether you’re looking for education, advice, humor, or support – you’ll find it in one of these useful parenting accounts.


Caryn Bailey



Caryn started blogging as a way to share her son’s birth and newborn phases. After giving birth, she kept writing.


Her blog and Twitter feed are both great resources. Go to her for food recommendations, craft ideas, travel advice, entertainment, and all things parenthood.


Dr. Laura Markham



An author, mom and psychologist, Dr. Laura Markham has a lot going on.  She keeps parenting central to everything she does and shares.


Her website is a great resource for parenting inspiration, advice, and parenting content she enjoys. Plus she has one of the most informative and frequently updated parenting accounts on Twitter.




@BabbleEditors is a comprehensive resource for all stages of parenthood.  Babble’s content runs the gamut.  They cover pretty much everything parenthood and have been at it for a while (they are owned by Disney).


Check out the website for general info.  Or follow their editorial team on Twitter to stay up to date on their original content.

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Family Talk



Family talk is a Christianty-based parental website that features a host of content from podcasts, blogs, videos, and advice articles.


If you’re taking a faith-based approach to parenthood, Dr. Dobson’s is one of the parenting accounts for you.





Kids health is an encyclopedic reference for parents looking for reliable, updated information about healthcare specific to children.


They share links to their website as well as retweets from other sources of children’s health news from around the web.





Mommyish is an honest parenting brand designed to cut through the clutter.  Mommyish gives moms the tips, advice and information they need to make life a little easier.


It is great resource for sometimes playful content.  But they also aren’t afraid to tackle more serious things like suicide prevention and marital issues.


Nicole Feliciano



Nicole Feliciano was an executive at Ralph Lauren before leaving her job to start a parenting blog, MomTrends.  MomTrends is focused on fashion, gift giving, design, and lifestyle tips.


@parenting is another super comprehensive guide to parenting.


If you’re looking for advice on breastfeeding, tips on changing diapers, or reviews of baby gear, they can be a go-to resource. will sometimes also share seasonally relevant activity ideas.  They share tips on situational parenting from experts in the field.


Modern Parents Messy Kids



Modern Parent Messy Kids is full of practical knowledge and advice for real-world parenting.


The blog is operated by a mom of three. She shares recipe ideas, kids activites and classes, and also occaisional advice from personal experience.


Geek Mom and Geek Dad


@GeekMomBlog, @GeekDadBlog

You can probably guess what Geek Mom and Geek Dad specialize in – content aimed and centered around technology.


Both sites share reviews and links. They feature things like robots, tablets, phones, computers, games, and more.  Of course,they are a great resource for the tech-savvy mom or dad.


Tricia Goyer



Tricia Goyer is an author of over 60 novels as well as parenting and marriage books.


She’s quick to share her personal experience about being a working mom.  As a bonus, she’s also great about engaging with her followers on Twitter.


She’s a great follow for on-the-ground information-sharing with a personal touch.





Stephanie from MomDot shares advice, inspiration, and recipes on her blog, MomDot.


MomDot is part lifestyle blog and part food/ craft guide.  MomDot can also be a great source of inspiration.  It’s also a great parenting account for parents looking for activities or recipes to work on together as a family.


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