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Sh*t happens: 10 baby poop tips to make life easier

1. The Nose Knows

Use your sense of smell before going in and unzipping onesies, removing socks, or taking off a perfectly good diaper.


Taking everything off only to learn that your baby just had some smelly farts can be just as bad as having to change the diaper in the first place.


2. Change pads FTW

You don’t need to be breaking out the cleaning spray and wiping down a new area after every baby poop cleaning (are there people that actually do this?  Apparently).


Invest in a changing pad, and get a handful of baby changing sheets to lay on top of the pad.  That way you can throw the used sheets in the laundry if you need to and still have access to your changing pad for next time.


3. Front to back, not back to front.

Especially if you have girls, you want to save yourself additional cleaning in all cracks and crevices.  Wipe front to back.


4. Change first, laundry second

Don’t worry if you get a bit of a baby poop on the change pad or your clothes while changing.  If you stop to address it, it will probably just get dirtier by the time you’re done.  Focus on getting the diaper off and the baby clean, then worry about laundry.


5. Backup outfits will become main outfits

Always travel with a full backup outfit, because your baby knows when you’re leaving home and will plan to sabotage you with an ill-timed blowout.  Be prepared, or face the consequences.


6. Don’t let stains become permanent

Invest in a good spray wash and make sure you spray down any of your or baby’s clothes when you’re done changing them.  Cold water works to get out baby poop stains.


Make sure any stains are removed completely before throwing clothes into the washer.  Wash poopy clothes separate from other clothes.


7. Clotheslines can be resourceful

It may sound silly, but a little sunshine goes a long way to helping get baby poop stains out.  If you have a clothesline, they can be better than the dryer when it comes to poop stains.


8. Your carpet isn’t ruined

But you need to act fast when you get baby poop on the carpet.  Try a spoon to remove chunks of poo, then a solution of dish soap, white vinegar, and warm water.


Sponge the solution onto the carpet, dry the stain by blotting, and repeat as many times as necessary.


9. Wash your hands

Buy some hand sanitizer to keep on the changing station and take a pump or two for yourself after you’ve disposed of the diaper.


10. Tub time is sometimes the only option

If you’re really up sh*t’s creek and knee-deep in brown stuff, don’t be afraid to run the bath and start from scratch.


Sometimes it’s the only way to get baby clean again when blowouts happen.