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11 less popular unisex baby names to consider

Whatever your motivation for going the unisex baby name route, we rounded up some “hidden gem” unisex baby names


Unisex baby names are on the rise across the US.


Some parents are concerned about establishing an unwanted gender identity for their newborn; others just like the sound of a short and simple non-gendered baby name.


Whatever your reason for going gender-neutral, here are some of our favorite (less popular) gender-neutral baby names for 2018.




The shortened version of Taylor is a great unisex baby name for parents who want a fresher sound.  There are many popular Taylors of both sexes.  Spelling variations include Taye.



Payton is now more popular as a girls name than as a boy’s name.  Common variations include Peyton or Payten.  It’s also a very popular dog’s name is Denver and Chicago, for what it’s worth.



Avery is French for “ruling with elf-wisdom.”  Avery is always in the top 15 of BabyCenter’s popularity list for girls.



Blue is the trendy color name for girls.  You can thank Jay-Z and Beyonce.  It is a more common middle name for boys.  If you really want to be gender neutral you’ll name a girl Blue and a boy Pink.



This nickname for Maximilian, Maxwell, or Maxine — all of which mean “the greatest.”  Max is very popular for boys but hasn’t quite caught fire as a unisex baby name – but that will change.



Wylie is English for “coyote.”  OK, just kidding.  It means “rolling meadow.”  Wylie has been gaining popularity for both boys and girls throughout the last ten years or so.


Still, it’s less common than other names.  So you can give it to your newborn without worrying that he or she will be one of a dozen Wylies in their first grade class.



As unisex baby names go, Lee is an original.  Lee is English for “meadow.”  And has a decisive yet friendly sound.  Plus, it’s not super-trendy.



From the Celtic for “wise.”  Quin ranks 77th on the BabyCenter list as a girl’s name.  And it holds the 280th spot for boys.


It’s one of the trendy Irish names that sounds even better up front.  Fictional female Quins on shows like Scandal and Glee may have helped bump the name up the charts for girls.



According to BabyCenter the name Devin derives from a Gaelic word for “poet.”  The name is a more popular choice for boys than girls, but it is a strong unisex baby name.



Riley, from the Irish for “courageous”, was much more popular for girls than for boys in 2016.  But it’s still a strong choice for either boys or girls.  It has many spelling variations if you want to get creative (Reilly, Rylea, Ryleigh, Rylee).



The name of a legendary Welsh sea god, Dylan was the 29th most popular boy’s name in 2017.  Dylan can also work for a girl.


Hopefully one of these unisex baby names struck you in the right way.  If not, happy name hunting 😉