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10 resources for finding that perfect WFH job

Work from home jobs are lifesavers for working parents, and they are more available than ever


Work from home salaries are increasing, and a growing number of US companies are offering more flexible work environments for their employees.


Offering employees options to work from home in their jobs is increasingly key to keeping millennial parents in the workforce.


There are several terrific resources to meet the increased demand and supply for work from home jobs.


So here are a few of our favorite resources to find that perfect WFH situation.


1. Prokanga


Prokanga is a network that connects highly qualified individuals with flexible work in specialized fields.


National companies in need of finance and marketing help use them to find and hire the best people.


Prokanga network members match with consulting or work from home jobs.  But it is also  possible to get a full-time job.


2. The Second Shift


The Second Shift puts employers in touch with women in a diverse variety of fields who are looking for remote work projects.


Members pitch their ideas to companies.  Once they match, The Second Shift also handles all of the employment paperwork.


Co-founder Jenny Galluzzo’s mission with The Second Shift is to support working women.


“I believe the modern workplace has to be flexible, adaptable and accommodating. I learned this the hard way– from my own personal experience,” says Galluzzo.


“Women need a way to engage or re-engage in the workforce that provides them meaningful, well-paying, flexible jobs.”


Here, here.


3. Skip the Drive


Skip the Drive is a large job board with posts in a range of fields.  But it’s most useful feature might be its “Telecommuting Calculator.”


The tool allows you to figure out how much you save by working at home.  So it’s more motivation to look for a remote job.


4. Rat Race Rebellion


Rat Race Rebellion is home to tips and advice to help you land a work-from-home gig.


The“Big List” of WFH jobs is the site’s most popular feature.  It is an amazing resource for work from home jobs.


New opportunities are frequently available on the site.


Their daily newsletter also informs subscribers of new work from home jobs.


Co-founder Christine Durst has been named “America’s Ultimate Work at Home Expert” by Woman’s World Magazine. 


“After having my children,” said Durst, “I realized I’d be happiest working from home and set my sights on making that happen.”


Mission accomplished.


5. Guru


Guru is best for those with specific marketable skills.  Those skills correlate with higher-paying work from home jobs.


Guru allows you to post rate, schedule, and salary information.   And companies on the lookout for freelancers can find you.


There is also a section of the site where you can search through job listings for freelancers and work from home jobs.


CEO Inder Guglani’s mission is to help skilled individuals around the world find work opportunities regardless of location.



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What makes the job board unique is that it lists the latest digital and tech jobs from around the country.


The site also features a searchable database of work from home jobs.  The database is updated frequently. makes it so simple to find companies that have hired work-from-home employees in the past.




HireMyMom is specifically designed for working mothers.


The job board lists opportunities for working moms and the skills they can bring to the table.


Businesses post jobs ranging from full-time employment, work from home jobs, and also freelance work. CEO Lesley Pyle founded the site in 2007.  Her mission is clear.


“I consider Hire My Mom more of a boutique website,” Pyle said.  “Our goal is to help professional women find flexible, legitimate, home-based work.  While at the same time, helping small businesses hire talented, virtual team members and freelancers.”


8. FlexJobs


FlexJobs helps parents find jobs that allow flexible work, including working from home.


It also screens jobs before posting them.  This helps ensure that they are actual opportunities and not scams.


You can also research companies on the site.  Therefore, it’s possible to see what kind of work from home jobs they have previously made available.


Founder Sara Sutton is known as the “queen of remote work.”  She is committed to providing education and awareness about the viability of work from home jobs in today’s economy.


She’s made remote work possible for thousands across the country through FlexJobs.


9. Liveops


Many companies now use remote workers.  Remote workers operate the phones and assist in customer service.


Scottsdale, AZ-based tech company Liveops fills work from home jobs as customer service contractors.


Additionally, contractors match with companies, according to their availability and skillset.


Most companies pay a per-minute rate.   Therefore, the more you are able to take on, the more you earn.


10. Karat


Karat helps tech and engineering companies hire employees by utilizing experts to interview them.


The expert is you.


Your schedule also dictates when interviews are conducted.


Additionally, Karat fits well for those with highly-specific skillsets in certain areas.  And those jobs tend to be higher-paying and more lucrative.


“We operate as a deeply integrated, strategic partner for CTOs and CHROs,” according to Karat co-founder Jeffrey Spector.  “We also make technical interviewing a customer-centric experience for candidates.”